Consulting services

Complete set of high quality GDPR consulting services

The GDPR changes the way in which personal data are collected, shared and used on a global scale. To ensure GDPR compliance, companies need to make changes in policies, processes and contracts, as well as in their organizational measures. In some cases, these changes may be complex and significant.

Our consulting services constitute direct guidelines and recommendations for dealing with and making your company GDPR compliant. We will take into account all specifics of your company and prepare recommendations in a way which is convenient and compatible with the mission and policies of your company. While the audit for compliance will show you the differences from the GDPR, consulting will give you real guidelines and draw a framework for its integration in your company.

Consulting services are performed as follows:

1. Analysis

Analysis of the current state of the business.

2. Action plan

Identification of data, processes, analysis and action plan.

3. Assessment

Phase of assessment and analysis of vulnerable aspects and shortcomings of the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

4. Implementation

Phase of development and processing of products, processes, documentation and their successful implementation in your company.

Consulting on specific GDPR-related issues

You have a specific GDPR question, related to IT and/or information security and/or you need legal advice. Please, address your question and we will give you a specific answer within a reasonable period.