GDPR seminar

Guiding principles of the GDPR seminar

It is of crucial importance to know how the GDPR will affect your company – what measures to undertake to ensure compliance with the Regulation and to minimize the risk of imposing the envisaged fines.

During our seminars we will inform you of the most important that you need to know. The participants in our seminar will receive theoretical and practical knowledge about the requirements of the GDPR and how to be GDPR compliant.

The good practice, described in the Regulation, is to conduct annual seminars and/or trainings of all employees in order to validate the current knowledge and improve the company’s awareness of the personal data protection laws. Innovations, related to the Regulation and clarification of ambiguities in terms of current corporate practices, will be discussed. The final objective of the annual seminar is to improve company knowledge in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation and to avoid subsequent complications and fines in the processing of such data.

Duration of the seminar

The duration of the annual company seminars depends on your preferences, as the good practice of such an event is 4 hours. The seminar is designed for: managers; information technology experts; information security officers; data privacy officers; lawyers; controllers; human resources officers; marketing officers; call centre customer service officers; anyone interested in personal data protection.

Price for the seminar

The price depends on the audience, company preferences, the covered specific issue and duration of the seminar.