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GDPR Consulting Service

Are you concerned about compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the implications that achieving or not achieving compliance would have on your business?

GDPR compliance is essential for all organizations, not only from the reputational standpoint of view, but also to ensure that the risk of non-compliance, which includes penalties and fines, will be mitigated and avoided. GDPR is an extremely complex piece of legislation that requires all businesses and the underlying business units to demonstrate compliance by law. A large proportion of businesses are unable to demonstrate such compliance, and this leads to risks of losing contracts, severing partnerships or to the risk of enforcement actions such as significant fines in the event of a data security breach.

ISCS's proven consulting service of GDPR non-compliance process discovery ensures that our experts can identify, understand and recommend the right solutions to achieve GDPR compliance within your timeline and budget targets.

Our GDPR consultants are experts in data protection, data security and data privacy. They can understand the complex regulations and guidelines set by GDPR and local authorities and have a deep perception of how to apply them across industries and organizations. All the experts have multiple years of experience working with businesses to ensure GDPR compliance and protect their sensitive data.

НWe can offer a highly qualified GDPR consultants who can help you navigate the complex regulations and guidelines set by GDPR. Our experts have the experience to help businesses ensure compliance and protect sensitive data. Here are some of the main services our GDPR consultants can provide you with :

  • Assess and analyze current data protection processes and procedures to identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive GDPR compliance go to green plan
  • Create a comprehensive governance structure that is designed to adapt and comply with any future changes to the GDPR regulations
  • Provide employee training and awareness programs to ensure understanding and compliance with GDPR regulations
  • Assist with data mapping and inventory to identify and protect sensitive data
  • Implement data establishment and management practices to ensure data is accurate, accessible and secure, and monitor performance quality
  • Collaborate with IT and legal teams to ensure compliance with GDPR framework and universe
  • Helps you process data subject access requests and comply with data protection impact assessment (DPIA) standard
  • Respond to data breaches and monitor data processing operations

In addition to the tasks that can be carried out with the help of our data subject experts (SME), we can also provide you with a data controller who has the specific skills you need in order to assess the current stage. Our contractors are experienced in handling data processing operations, processing personal data and protecting personal data in accordance with the GDPR regulations and the rights of data subjects. Regardless of the specific skills you need, our experts have the knowledge and experience to ensure your data is protected.

Our experienced GDPR consultants will build a customized privacy strategy for your organization – tailored to you and the challenges you face.

Data privacy strategy project will include:

  • Assessing the legality of your data transfer mechanisms – both domestically and cross-border.
  • Review your data sharing agreements to ensure adequate data protection clauses are in place to reflect Administrator to Administrator, Administrator to Processor and Processor to Sub processor relationships.
  • Data mapping and data discovery – a full and clear understanding of personal data flows in, around and out of your business is essential to completing your processing activity records under Article 30 GDPR. This may sound like a daunting task, but our consultants are experienced in approaching it in a logical way that allows the business to be mapped out.
  • Conduct a Data Privacy Impact Analysis (DPIA) – when implementing new systems or upgrading systems, you are required by law to carry out a Data Privacy Impact Analysis to understand the potential risk associated with the new processes, technology and people aspects.
  • Any risks will need to be addressed before it goes live – and the consultant working with you will guide you through this.
  • Drafting privacy notices, policies and documents that truly reflect the processing activities of your business. Under GDPR, accountability is a key data protection principle and one of your biggest challenges will be to interpret your processing activities in these relevant documents. Luckily, our privacy consultants are experienced in writing policies and can handle this for you.
  • As IT compromises are a major cause of data breaches, our IT professionals will ensure that your systems offer the appropriate level of protection based on the type of data stored.
  • Our Privacy experts can provide with a data breach management communication guideline in case of severe breaches and incidents. We can provide you with a crisis management and a way to comply with GDPR in informing the legal authorities and data subjects.

As a data processing organization, the compliance with EU GDPR regulations is mandatory. With ISCS, you are guided by industry experts to take your next steps in GDPR compliance. Our expertise and services make it easy to comply with EU GDPR requirements and enable you to position your organization for success going forward.

While processing personal data, it is crucial to consider both technical and organizational measures. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets out data protection laws for the collection and processing of personal data of data subjects in the European Union (EU). It also outlines rules for companies on how to protect and manage customer data, as well as protect individuals from privacy breaches and manage the crisis in case of need. Key components of the GDPR include data portability, data security and breach notifications. A GDPR consultant can help companies understand and adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the European Union. A qualified GDPR consultant is an expert in the regulations and can guide businesses to achieve full compliance.

Many companies are turning to GDPR consultants to assess their compliance with the new EU unified data protection regulations. At ISCS, we have a wide network of professionals who possess extensive knowledge of data protection law and have specialist data privacy expertise who can assist your company in building a robust governance structure. From data governance to evaluating data processing activities, our GDPR consultants can help you protect your personal data and take proactive measures to protect it from potential threats and none-conformities.

The new regulations can be challenging for companies to implement, and the consequences can be severe if mistakes are made, or certain details are overlooked. Our GDPR consultants are experts in data protection regulations across the EU and can assess your current compliance status as well as provide a roadmap to ensure compliance.

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