Information security has never been more important!

We are a company specialized in first-class solutions related to information security. We know that data security is critical for any business or organization, therefore, we work with the latest technologies and tools to provide you with the best data security services worldwide.

"IS Consult Service" provides security in the digital world. We enable our customers to achieve continuous alignment of their security frameworks with their business requirements and digital realities. It is a dynamic, continuous process of change, innovation and ensuring the reliability of all current and future information assets of the company.

We provide security at all levels for businesses.

For a more secure digital world

We accelerate digital transformation so our customers can be more agile, efficient, resilient and secure, helping to strengthen your security posture at all levels of the business.

Information security is more than protecting against threats.

Security is more than threat protection

"IS Consult Service" redefines security by enabling the people, processes and technologies that drive the modern enterprise to develop and reveal their full potential.

IS Consult Service provide effective data protection and information security services

Secure Your Future

We provide effective data protection and information security services to protect your business from the ever-changing threat landscape.

Security That Fits You

"IS Consult Service" is a boutique company, which helps us offer our clients unbiased security services, with full focus on the project deliverables every time. We build trust because we provide relevant recommendations in a straightforward manner.

Why Trust Us?

How to bring your business into compliance with European regulations and the best practices from the world of cyber security?

The assessment of information security


An information security assessment is an approach to identifying vulnerabilities and gaps that may exist in an organization's corporate network or systems. Vulnerability assessment is not limited to the technology but extends to the process and people that are part of the information and cybersecurity ecosystem.

The proactive design of all aspects of information security.


Most organizations view information security as an afterthought. "IS Consult Service" resolves this flawed approach by designing security aspects from the very beginning. The proactive design of all aspects of information security provides all the necessary prerequisites for the design of a successful business model.

We have the in-house expertise to implement and enhance the existing solution.


Most organizations may have implemented certain security solutions, but probably would not have explored their potential. We have the in-house expertise to implement, enhance the existing solution and offer a solution in other areas such as monitoring, performance tuning, cyber security service management and more.

Constant research on potential vulnerabilities and up-to-date knowledge to prevent information security incidents.


Digital business processes need constant screening for potential vulnerabilities and up-to-date knowledge to prevent information security incidents.

IS Consult Service provide unique and customized information security solutions.

Providing unique and customized solutions

Do you have a specific question, need, threat that you don't know the answer to? Please contact us and we will provide you with a concrete answer in a short time.


Do you need a customized offer for auditing, consulting, or information security within a reasonable timeframe? Trust us to keep your business safe and secure.

With talent, experience, and insight, we help our clients predict, secure, and enhance the experience of doing business, ensuring that their brightest ideas today become tomorrow's boldest decisions.