GDPR training

Under the GDPR, staff with access to personal data must have appropriate data protection training, although no specific requirements are mentioned. GDPR compliance training enables data controllers in your organization and other key personnel sharing responsibility for personal data protection to understand the key concepts and principles of the data protection provisions under the GDPR, as well as essential information and processing responsibilities of the personal data of your employees and customers. GDPR training guides your employees to implement proper compliance procedures and minimize risk of mishandling personal data.

If you work with personal information as part of your job, then data protection should be an integral part of your day-to-day activities. This course explains what your responsibilities are under data protection law so you understand how to collect data lawfully, obtain consent where necessary, process data in accordance with the law and ensure data security.

Who is this course suitable for?

All businesses are required to comply with data protection law. If you handle any kind of personal information as part of your work, whether it's customers, members of the public or employees, then you have a responsibility to keep that personal data safe and secure and process it in accordance with the GDPR. This data protection course is suitable for employees at all levels and no previous knowledge is required. It is suitable for both administrators and data processors.

The course is suitable for all types of business including charities, professionals, sole traders and membership organizations etc. We can adapt to course for all the critical employees that are handling personal information data on a daily basis in order to receive a best in class knowledge transfer with all of the best practices that are used in GDPR industry

Guiding principles for GDPR training

High quality materials

The GDPR course is conducted with high-quality training materials - presentations, visual materials, sample models, useful excerpts from the legislation, etc.

European quality

The quality of the GDPR course is at the European level - the materials are provided by specialists with many years of experience in the public and private sector, dealing with European law and information security.

Intuitive approach

The GDPR course uses a results-oriented approach – practical tasks, case studies, role-plays, discussions and sharing of good practices are solved.

Training modules

The course may also include the training of a Data Privacy officer (DPO) for (GDPR) includes - Module Legal Aspects of GDPR, Module Technical Aspects of GDPR, Module Organizational Aspects of GDPR.

Benefits from a GDPR training includes but not only limited to:

  • rotect the organization's reputation
  • Minimize security incidents
  • Build customer trust
  • Retain existing customers and attract new ones
  • Ease of access to data
  • Ensure stricter enforcement of the rules
  • nable accurate customer data storage
  • Enable adequate access control

A certificate is issued to those who have completed the training.

Standard training duration is set to 2 days of 8 hours per day. However, we can adapt the training course into the most convenient way for your organization. The training is designed for:

  • Managers
  • Personal data protection officers
  • Information technology specialists
  • Information Security Officers
  • Anyone who has access to and handles personal data of natural persons

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