Security officer as a service

Security officer as a service

What is our Security officer as a service all about ?

Have you ever had a project for which you had to make essential and important decisions related to information security in the company, but you actually lacked such expertise and did not have the right person when you needed it?

Many organizations find that the responsibilities of an information security expert are challenging to fulfill given the breadth of knowledge required for data processing and data security operations, as well as the required knowledge of legal, regulatory and statutory aspects.

ISCS can offer you just such an information security expert when you need it, without having to look for and hire such an employee specifically for you and pay monthly salaries for something that is not the main part of your business.

An information security officer as a service provides information security management with an appropriate set of expertise and technical resources from IT management. He provides security guidance to senior management and manages the organization's information security program.

  • Provide your organization with a cost-effective way to maintain information security and risk management systems;
  • Offer an extension of your organization's information security capabilities;
  • Provide a constant security presence and ensure that risks and incidents are mitigated before they can cause unacceptable business losses.

An information security officer can help an organization identify its current information security maturity, threat landscape, what needs to be protected and the level of protection required, and the regulatory requirements it needs to meet. He will develop an information security strategy that ensures the foundations are implemented and maintained, risks are reduced and information security maturity is enhanced.

We can offer you a solution to the problem by hiring an expert from our company on an hourly or even daily basis. He will advise you on the most correct solutions related to information security. Rely on our experience and expertise proven over the last 15+ years only and exclusively in the field of information security. Our specialists will help you cope with the obligations of ensuring your information security, while staying focused on your core business activities:

  1. Risk management and all aspects related to information security.
  2. Manage compliance with various and multifaceted laws, regulations, directives and standards.
  3. Comprehensive management of information security in all its aspects.
  4. Responding to specific questions and comments from your customers regarding information security.
  5. Management of audits related to information security.
  6. Management of information security in various projects, transformations and implementation of new products and the opening of new business lines.
  7. Writing various questionnaires, request for proposals (Requests for proposals - RFP), request for information (request for information - RFI), etc.
  8. Company Information Security Policies
  9. Organization of Information Security (Organization of Information Security)
  10. Human Resource Security
  11. Asset Management
  12. Access Control
  13. Cryptography
  14. Physical and environmental security
  15. Operation "Security" (Operation Security)
  16. Communication and network security (Telecommunication security)
  17. System acquisition, development and maintenance
  18. Supplier relationships
  19. Information security incident management
  20. Information security aspects of business continuity management
  21. Security audits and compliance management

What is our approach for hiring and assigning a Security officer as a service?

After a short interview with you, we determine the framework, the time ranges and the time for which you want to hire our information security expert. After establishing your needs, we agree on the type of engagement and the methods of communication:

  1. Live meetings in the office or virtual?
  2. Method of communication emails, meetings, chat channels, etc.
  3. Working with your direct clients or only with you?

For this purpose, write to us in the contact form.

Reduce the risk of your information security to the level acceptable to you and trust our many years of experience in providing consulting services on information security.