Data privacy officer

Data privacy officer (DPO) as a service

Service description behind is our Data privacy officer (DPO) as a service?

Have you ever had a project for which you had to make significant and important decisions regarding the personal data of the data subjects, your responsibilities and obligations arising from the regulatory framework, but you lacked such expertise and did not have the right person when you necessary?

ISCS can offer you just such a data protection expert when you need it without having to search for and hire such a role specifically for you and pay monthly salaries for something that is not your core business. We can solve your problem by hiring an expert from our company on an hourly or even daily basis, so that the expert can advise you on the most correct solution related to the protection of personal data in your company. If you want to be GDPR compliant and follow the IT industry best practices described in ISO27701, then you are in the right place. Trust our experts with proven experience in the following areas:

1. Maintain data management
2. Acquisition, identification and classification of personal data
3. Personal Data Risk Management
4. Personal data security management
5. Personal data supply chain management
6. Incident and Breach Management
7. Creating and maintaining awareness
8. Data privacy officer (DPO) organization function
9. Maintain internal controls
10. Creation and management of a Data privacy impact assessment (DPIA), as well as a Privacy protection plan (PPP).
11. Establishing the framework for Plan, do, check, act (PDCA).
12. Discovery and Identification of the Types of Data You Control.

What are the steps to hire or rent a data privacy officer (DPO) as a service on for your company?

After a short interview with you, we determine the framework, the time ranges and the time for which you want to hire our Data privacy officer (DPO) as a service. After defining the framework, we agree on the way of working and type of communication:

1. Live meetings in the office or virtual?
2. Method of communication emails, meetings, chat channels, etc.
3. Working with your direct clients or only with you?

To learn more or to hire an Expert Privacy Officer contact us through the contact form.

Reduce the risk of your information security to the acceptable level, avoid unnecessary penalties and trust our experience in providing consulting services on personal data protection and information security.