Testing for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability testing

Testing for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

Security assessment and testing are critical components of any information security program. Organizations must accurately assess their security in the real world, focus on the most critical components, and make the necessary changes to improve.

Vulnerability testing / Vulnerability assessment / Vulnerability scans / Testing for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

Vulnerability scanning or vulnerability testing, scans a network or system for a list of pre-defined vulnerabilities, such as system misconfiguration, outdated software, or lack of patches. The primary purpose of the test and evaluation is to provide information to help manage the risks associated with the development, production, operation and maintenance of systems and capabilities.

Vulnerability management typically involves activities such as identifying system vulnerabilities, recommending potential remediation, and implementing system patches to resolve a security problem, updating a system service, or adding features to a system or application.

An emphasis on effective vulnerability testing and the implementation of system patches or compensating controls should be at the core of any Patch and Vulnerability management program.

If you're looking to determine your organization's security level, a security expert will ultimately turn to a vulnerability assessment to help identify specific areas of weakness that need to be remedied.

To begin the vulnerability and misconfiguration assessment process, the assessor must have a good understanding of the business, its mission, and the system or application to be assessed.

There are currently many different types of tools available that address a wide variety of vulnerability assessment needs. Some tools examine the system from a network perspective, trying to determine if the system can be compromised by a remote attacker using the services available on a particular host system. These tools test for open ports, the use of insecure protocols, known vulnerabilities in common services, and known operating system exploits.

After the vulnerability scan is complete, our security consultant must check the results for accuracy.

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